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Hello Lovelies! 

Sooooo Rodrigo has no moved to the time jump! That sounds kind of weird…lol. Anyway, he’s older and wiser but of course there’s angst! This page will stay up for reference but to keep up with him, you can follow him here 

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Text: Rachel

Text: really? They’re awesome, Rache. How’s it going? Things are dying down over here.

born-tobe-a-star blessed you: [Text] So I'll see you in a couple if weeks?

Text: definitely. Your dads didn’t have to with the ticket. They’re so great.

weissmenoncesaid blessed you: [Voicemail] [tries to stop her giggling, shushes someone in the background] I'm trying to talk to my boyfriend! Quiet damn it! [clears her throat] You're probably sleeping but I figured I would call you and tell you that I'm so proud of you babe [loud teasing in the back] Stop it! You're ruining the moment. [laughter in the background] Ignore these hyenas, babe. I just want you to know I love you and I'm so happy I met you. [Tessa in the background "I love you too!"] [sighs] Ok. Love you, bye.


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Lol I think you’re right. I’m gonna miss that big lug

He’s going to miss you too, I’m sure of it. But like I told you, we’ll have our road trips and come visit him. Oh, warning.. my dads are looking for you.

Yeah, I’d like that. Oh crap. Let me fix my tie





I am so done with you

Take me back! Lol




Lol isn’t it great

My Nana’s gonna break her hip.

Oh no. Let me help her.




Lol they’ll never know who did it.

At this point, they shouldn’t even care. We’re no longer their problem. 

I think they secretly love it to be honest