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Tagging → Rodrigo Escbar & Sierra Rojas

Time Frame → Monday afternoon | September 9, 2013
Location →Walking around town
General Notes → A new project.

ooc please ignore the girl in this gifset for she is not Sierra. ;)

Sierra: [looking up at Rodrigo and smiling shyly] I’m surprised you decided to go to the bookstore with me. Thank you. I Really needed these. [looks into her bag] And those sorority girls were so much fun! You look kind of funny. Cute, but funny. 

Rodrigo: [watching her carefully] I told you we’d be friends. Didn’t I? haha, yeah. That was kind of fun, wasn’t it? 

Sierra: Yeah, but I was annoying in the library and the tampon…[nods] I hope we can keep hanging out like this. You can teach me how to be like those girls.

Rodrigo: [cringes] please. Just don’t mention that again and we’ll be fine. [arches an eyebrow] You don’t want to be like those girls. You want to be like…Sierra. 

Sierra: [bites her lip and looks down] I’m sorry. 

Rodrigo: [rolls his eyes] stop apologizing, Sierra. I just think you should own up to how beautiful you can be. You know? Get that confidence, strut your stuff, make that guy you like weak in his knees for you.

Sierra: okay. I’m sorry. I mean…[gets flustered]

Rodrigo: [sighs, stops walking and pulls her arm gently to stop her] How long has it been since someone has made you come? 

Sierra: [feels her heart racing and looks up, swallowing hard] Um. what? that’s…inappropriate. 

Rodrigo: [smiles softly and looks into her brown eyes] No, it’s not. It’s just sex. No big deal. 

Sierra: I…I’m a virgin. 

Rodrigo: [tilts his head] really? Well… [rubs her arm] that wasn’t my question, Sierra. When was the last time someone made you come? 

Sierra: Um. [looks away, her cheeks turning red] I’ve never…no one has ever…only [giggle] only me. 

Rodrigo: [approaches her, closer] Wait. Really? 

Sierra: [nods quietly] mmm hmmm. 

Rodrigo: [closes the gap between them, picks up her chin] Can I change that for you? 

Sierra: [smiles softly and whispers] yeah. 

Rodrigo: yeah? 

Sierra: [nods] 

Rodrigo: [smiles, pressing his forehead against hers] I’ll teach you a few things and I promise you’ll be a new woman…might even get that guy you like. What’s his name?

Sierra: [looks up to his hazel eyes, her heart pounding furiously] Okay. oh. Um…George.

Rodrigo: George. George and Sierra-it has a ring to it. Great. Let’s go back to your room, Ms. Rojas. 

Sierra: [smiles and nods] yeah. Okay. 

Rodrigo: [kisses her lips softly and walks away, Sierra following behind him] 

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