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Tagging → Rodrigo Escobar , Sister Mary Dalton
Time Frame → Afternoon| September 10th, 2013
Location → Sister Mary’s office| Our Lady of Peace Campus
General Notes  tiny steps.

Rodrigo: [knocks on the door and opens it slightly] Sister Mary? It’s me…

Sister Mary: [tucking her hair behind her ears, shoves things into her drawers] oh. Hi. Hi, Rodrigo. Please, come in. [smiles] You’re early.

Rodrigo: Oh. Father Mulroney let us out early. [Arches an eyebrow] Are you wearing makeup?

Sister Mary: [confused] What?  [Squeezes her eyes shut] Oh. Oh. It’s this. [Takes a tissue and wipes her eyes] Silly back to school gift I got from a student. I was trying it on. You know, curiosity.

Rodrigo: Why would they give a nun makeup? Are you guys even allowed?

Sister Mary: hm. Well, we can wear makeup, Rodrigo. I just choose not to.

Rodrigo: [smiles] well, you’re very pretty. There’s no need for all of that. I mean, not saying you’re wearing it to feel pretty…you might like makeup so it’s whatever you want. I didn’t mean to offend. Dammit, when did I start rambling?

Sister Mary: [giggles and opens his file] be careful with the company you keep. You start acting like them.

Rodrigo: [rolls his eyes and laughs] sure, sure.

Sister Mary: I’m really glad we’re doing this, again. I know you really don’t have much of choice but you’ve proven to be really headstrong. I’ve never seen someone want to go against the norm with so much diligence. I mean, I’ve seen some determined kids while I’ve been here but you’re…incorrigible.

Rodrigo: [sits down and his knees start shaking] yeah, well…it’s bitten me in the ass several times.

Sister Mary: How about we talk about that?

Rodrigo: [shakes his head] I don’t think so.

Sister Mary: at some point, you’re going to have to share.

Rodrigo: The suit.

Sister Mary: Steven?

Rodrigo: yeah, him.

Sister Mary: What about him, Rodrigo?

Rodrigo: Does he think I’m sick?

Sister Mary: [frowns and closes his file] Sick, how?

Rodrigo: [laughs] you know, how.

Sister Mary: I don’t. I see a boy who’s hurt and has a lot to let out but I don’t see someone who’s sick.

Rodrigo: Sister Mary, I told you very early on not to believe in me. I told you.

Sister Mary: And I never agreed to that. I was wrong to bring Steven. Mr. Bowman was wrong in having me bring him in. Whatever he thinks is irrelevant. I know you.

Rodrigo: [shakes his head and softly speaks] no. You don’t. You don’t. No one does and that’s part of the problem. I can’t leave my room without having to dismiss a million thoughts. I keep thinking I’m not good enough to keep people in my life mostly because I can’t handle losing everyone so I push them away. I’m obsessed with everything. Every single fucking thing. [Gets up and runs a hand through his hair] Just tell me what he said.

Sister Mary: [watches him and opens the file to read] He thinks you should see him. Twice a week during your time with me.

Rodrigo: [stops pacing] why?

Sister Mary: [pauses and then looks up] He  can’t make diagnosis from this folder or from one day of meeting you or from what one racist kid thinks or says about you. So, I told him no.

Rodrigo: [grips the back of the chair and looks at her] My mother left us a month to the day my father was diagnosed with cancer. Just poof. Vanished. She left us and it didn’t affect me but it sure as hell affected my siblings and my dad.

Sister Mary: [listens and frowns] why do you do that?

Rodrigo: what?

Sister Mary: Dismiss your feelings? The moment you start sharing  you don’t validate your feelings. You walk around them and expect people to sort of just, dismiss them as well.Your mother left you, Rodrigo. Yes, she left the kids and your father but she left you. Alone to bear with the pain. Your father was proud. He didn’t seek help until the end and it all fell on you. You can’t form new relationships or keep them because you’re not only afraid of hurting them…you’re afraid of going through that pain again. Don’t stand there and tell me you weren’t affected.

Rodrigo: [remains silent, his eyes on hers]

Sister Mary: She hurt you and so did your father’s death, your grandfather’s blatant disregard of your feelings, and you’ve lived your life with people that have never validated you so you think…why should I? right?

Rodrigo: I don’t have feelings, Sister. [smiles] I’m fine.

Sister Mary: So, why did you come back?

Rodrigo: [takes a deep breath] because …[stands up straight]I have to go.

Sister Mary: Rodrigo…wait.

Rodrigo: I’ll see you tomorrow, sister.  

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